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VitaPost Blood Pressure Support is a bespoke combination of botanicals and vitamins formulated to support blood pressure levels already within the normal range. It is always important to monitor blood pressure levels, and if you have any doubt you should consult with a healthcare professional. VitaPost Blood Pressure Support can nutritionally support heart health, cardiovascular health, and a healthy lifestyle.


Supports Cardiovascular Health

Your heart works hard – tirelessly, non-stop. The ingredients in Blood Pressure Support work to support this never-ending undertaking, supporting the cardiovascular system as a whole. Blood Pressure Support includes essential vitamins C, B6, B12, niacin and folate.

Helps Support a Healthy Heart

In order to maintain cardiovascular health it is recommended that some simple lifestyle practices be implemented, such as regularly exercising and eating a well-balanced diet. In addition to these, supplements may also be taken to provide nutritional support to the circulatory system and cardiovascular health.

Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels Within the Normal Range

With hawthorn extract, olive leaf and hibiscus flower, Blood Pressure Support combines herbs and vitamins that have been used traditionally for generations. Love your heart; and nourish it with age-old nutritional knowledge.

Do I need a prescription for Blood Pressure Support?
Blood Pressure Support is available for purchase without a prescription.

How do I use Blood Pressure Support?
Take one (1) capsule 1 to 3 times a day with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Do not exceed recommended dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, or individuals with a known medical condition including cardiovascular disorders or hypotension. If you are currently taking any prescription medication including those for high blood pressure and have questions about the advisability of taking this product, consult a physician prior to taking this product.

I don’t enjoy swallowing capsules. Do I have any other options?
While the Blood Pressure Support capsule can be taken apart and absorbed in your favorite drink or food, we would not recommend this due to the taste. As this capsule contains compact powder, we would also not recommend splitting the capsule in half and attempting to swallow the halves.

Will I experience Niacin Skin Flush?
Most people should not experience “Niacin skin flush” when taking this supplement. However, a few sensitive individuals may experience some flushing. Do not take on an empty stomach.

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